Westfield NJ Blue Davils Marching Band Day



Dan Gratz’s painting and David Zwirner Gallery

Dan Gratz

In the realm of beauty above the Earth, flying above the haziness of the vast landscapes of America, I looked down and saw the light. Blurry yet subtle, created by  an airplane below me, flying in the opposite direction. The overstretching ebony line connected the West and East coasts, dawn and dusk, the Great Lakes and Great Canyons, and the Atlantic and Pacific. I thought of Rothko and his spiritual task of finding the color, I thought of Bonnard and his love for Martha standing naked on the blue rag in the peachy bathroom. I though of Sienna school and its pink coral sky paint application against the grayish buildings of early the Renaissance.

The line slowly disappeared, drowning in the clouds.

I was lending.