EXERCISE | Adam Wsiołkowski, Joanna Zemanek, Elżbieta Zrobek, Lilla Kulka, Izabela Apanańska, Jolanta Kuśmerska, Krzysztof Marchlak, Krystyna Malinowska, Roman Fleszar, Zbigniew Bajek, Teresa Kotkowska, Joanna Wężyk, Iwa Kruczkowska – Król, Katarzyna Karpowicz, Horváth Daniel, Kolonics Kitti, Sztruhár Zsuzsa, Süveges Rita, Bánfi Brigitta, Kamondi Gabriella

Wednesday 18 February, 7:00 pm — Thursday 12 March 2015

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út. 32


To ‘take’ or to ‘do’ exercises always means to ‘work’.

The exercises can be of a different nature: physical , manual , intellectual or, last but not least, spiritual . All of them are indispensable in order to perfect through them one’s character – strong will without which we cannot achieve any noticeable progress.

Perfecting skills in a chosen area and moving upwards should lead to attaining the goal, what is possible only when we act in accordance with a given talent.

Among artistic professions, musicians-instrumentalists experience difficulties the most, as from the early childhood they practice regularly to attain the highest level of their concert repertoire performance. Practice is the inevitable necessity.

I was growing up among music and I heard when during some exercises new musical forms were born, in addition I personally experienced such hardships of practice while playing different musical instruments. I know what it means when you urge others to practice and care of their right exercises.

We can overcome all difficulties and problems only when there is an appointed worthy all this effort goal.