OOky 2:

NOT FROM THIS WORLD is a sequel exhibition to last year’s show, devoted and inspired by the kooky and spooky artwork of Charles Addams,

the famous cartoonist born and raised in Westfield, NJ. It is where his former home still lies, along with stately Victorian mansions and a beguiling downtown cemetery that creates a connection to the lives of buried past inhabitants.

Through this series of oil paintings, drawings, and digital images, I

explore the contrasting themes of fear and bliss, and how they intertwine with our childhood memories. Twisted, personified shadows in lively playrooms, terrifyingly human-like dolls, mysterious old fashioned bedrooms, and bouquets of beautiful flowers accompanied

by deathly moths. In my presentation of dollhouses, I reference to horror in pop-culture, such as The Exorcist, Nosferatu, The Shining, and Silence of the Lambs. Colorful petals imitate moths, and the stems of flowers develop into living vines, leading viewers

into a fear of the false beauty. In the Royal Bedrooms, solace turns to fear, with the presence ghost-like creatures in our most intimate spaces.

In conjunction with the Addams Fest Celebrations this October 27-29, 2018